Invisalign clear aligners are a set of customized, removable transparents trays which help move your teeth to a better alignment position . These aligners are made of patented , biocompatible Smartrack material which helps to move teeth in favourable positions .

Invisalign Clear Aligners can treat any kind of malaligned teeth conditions .

Gapped teeth - When you have extra space between two or more of your teeth, your doctor calls this spacing issues or gap teeth.
Proclined teeth - When your teeth are angulated too much in front to change your side profile and lip closure , its called as proclined teeth .
Crowded teeth - When you don't have enough room in your jaw for your teeth to fit normally, your teeth can bunch up, overlap and twist, sometimes getting pushed to the front or the back.
Overjet - In this , your upper teeth are too much in front compared to lower teeth .
Overbite - An overbite is when your upper front teeth overlap with your lower front teeth. Most people have at least a little overbite.
Crossbite - When you close your mouth and some of your upper teeth are sitting inside your lower teeth — rather than on the outside, like they normally would , your doctor calls this a crossbite.
Open Bite - If your upper and lower teeth don't touch when your mouth is closed, your doctor calls this an open bite.

Aligners” are a series of tight-fitting,custom-made mouthpieces that slip over your teeth and are aesthetically very subtle when compared to braces. Invisalign aligners made from SmartTrack material provide better fit, better comfort and are easier to insert and remove . These aligners are definitely a better bet than traditional braces and look so nice that one cannot even know that the patient has put on braces , until they come up close and personal.

Dr Amit Sachdeva has an extensive expertise in treating any kind of alignment issues with Invisalign clear aligners . Book your consult now and smile beautifully forever .