1. Wont it be cool !!

When you go to a hairdresser they give you an option in their software to understand how would u look in that hairstyle . Similarly , Invisalign teen has the Ability to visualize final treatment outcome before the treatment begins through computer imagery called digital scanning . .

2. Dont let these times delay your timelines !!

Just let these invisible cler aligners sail through smoothly and align your teeth at the comfort of your home . No repeated visits to the dentists office and let virtual consults take care of everything

3. Eat your favourite food without restrictions !!

Enjoy any cuisine and meals without thinking twice . Food gets stuck between braces and there is a big DONT list for fixed braces . Invisalign Teen Aligners allow you to enjoy your everyday

4. Makes Teens more responsible and makes them Future ready !!

let your teen gain more confidence as they see their treatment showing results within months . they feel responsible for the same and a lifelong lifeskill of responsibility is set in

5. Healthy Mouth maintenace is easy !!

Gum health and Bone health are brilliantly taken care of with the Smartrack material used for Invisalign aligners . There is a confirmed 10million + database with Artificial Intelligence collaboration which guarantees the treatment results .

6. Dr Amit Sachdevas Experience of treating complicated cases Pan - India .

With 23 years of Orthodontic experience under his belt , Dr Amit can treat any type of complex cases with indepth desiging and understanding how the teeth would move and what the end results would be.